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WHY GOLD PLATED: When you want the look of gold jewelry without the massive price tag, you choose gold plated items. This allows you to save money and purchase more jewelry! 

With the appropriate care, you can prolong the lifespan of your pieces and get more wear out of your gold plated jewelry. It cannot be said exactly how long the plating will last – there are many factors that come into play when determining the lifespan of a plated piece.

STORING: Your jewelry should be kept in a clean & dry place. Do not store your jewelry in the bathroom, as the consistent moisture and humidity will tarnish your jewelry. Keep your jewelry items in a place such as your bedroom where proper ventilation and normal air conditions are present

CAN IT BE CLEANED: Do not clean your jewelry with chemicals - plating is much more delicate than pure metals such as solid gold and sterling silver. 

We suggest to clean your items often to maintain shine and remove the sweat and dirt that will accumulate with average wear. Use a lightly damp cloth, and gently wipe down your item, use a soft clean towel to dry. To clean chains and necklaces, hold the piece by the clasp, do not tug at the chain to avoid rupturing the clasp.

CAN IT GET WET: We do not recommend wearing your jewelry in water, while showering. at the gym, or during any situation where it will encounter moisture (this includes washing hands, heavy perspiration and in the ocean). As with all plated items, moisture tends to erode plating and your jewelry should be removed prior to any activity where it will become wet or moist.


1. Remove your jewelry at night - do not sleep with your plated jewelry on! Nightly perspiration and the extended rubbing against the skin will cause the plating to wear faster. 

2. Before putting on your jewelry, make sure all creams, lotions or any other body products are well absorbed into your skin or has dried.  

3. Always apply cologne or fragrances before putting on your jewelry.


How To Measure Your Ring Size 

Wrap a THIN piece of string or paper around the base of your finger. Mark the string or paper where it overlaps to form a complete circle around your finger. Measure the length of the marked section of string or paper on a ruler or measuring stick, whatever you have handy. Compare your measurement with this chart to determine your ring size. *If you are in between sizes, size up.

SIZE                              Inches

4                              1.84

5                             1.94

 6                             2.04

7                             2.17

 8                             2.24

9                             2.34

10                            2.44

 11                             2.54

12                            2.65

13                            2.75

14                            2.85

15                            2.95




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